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2010 Rule and Code changes

RENO, Nev. --- The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) of America concluded the 78th Annual Council Meeting in Reno, Nev. On Thursday afternoon with decisions being voted on that affect the ASA Official Rules of Softball and the ASA Code.

Added Nov. 18: A list of 2010 ASA code and rule changes is now avaliable on the ASA Web site. For code changes with comments, please click here or to view the playing rule changes with comments click here.

The following are highlights in each division of play:


Article 501 C 02 d.   New and Re-number

Rostered Player.d. Once a player participates in a club or varsity softball program for any university, community college, or junior college, he or she is ineligible to play in the Junior Olympic Class B program.

Comments: Eliminates college players from the JO Class B program.
Article 501 C 05 a 07 New and Re-number

07. Once a player participates in an intercollegiate softball program for a   university, college, or junior/community college, she is ineligible to play in the Junior Olympic Gold Program

Comments:  Eliminates college players from the JO Gold Program.

Article 509 B 04 f Girls’ ASA Gold 18-Under Fast Pitch.  This National Championship Final shall be scheduled to conclude on the first Saturday in August and not be scheduled more than seven (7) days.  This event will not have and opening ceremonies event and the managers meeting cannot be scheduled prior to 6:00 PM on the prior Sunday. 

Article 602 H 09 The Junior Olympic Girls 18 and Under Gold Fast Pitch will be rotated to Oklahoma City every third year and in the off years will be placed in other parts of the country by the Executive Director.


Pitching Distance Change for 16-U A&B FP to 43 feet.

Pitching Distance Change for 18-U B FP only to 43 feet.

Metal cleats will now be allowed in 16-U and 18-U All Divisions of play in Junior Olympic Fast Pitch.


Article 509 B 02 b    Delete Current and Replace with

1. Men’s Open Fast Pitch shall be scheduled on Labor Day weekend commencing no earlier than 6:00 p.m. Thursday and concluding no later than Labor Day. Effective 2011.


Article 507 G 01 Men’s Class A 

Five ( 5 ) players from the ASA Restricted Player’s List.

Comments: Increases the number of Restricted Players that Men’s A can have on their roster.

Article 516 C  New and Re-number

C. Men’s Class B Slow Pitch will conduct one (1) National Championship Final.  The tournament will be held in Oklahoma City on Labor Day weekend.

Article 516 F 04

ASA Eastern / Southern / Northern / Western National Championship Finals. The ASA will conduct four ( 4 ) National Championships in following divisions and classifications:

  1. Men’s Class C Slow Pitch.
  2. Men’s Class D Slow Pitch.
  3. Men’s Class E/Rec Slow Pitch
  4. Women’s C Slow Pitch
  5. Women’s D Slow Pitch
  6. Co-ed C Slow Pitch
  7. Co-ed D Slow Pitch


The pitching arch height for All Divisions of Slow Pitch is now 6-10 feet.


Article 601 A New

Exception: The ASA Annual meeting will be in Oklahoma City every 5 years beginning in the year 2013 to celebrate ASA’s 80th year anniversary.

About ASA

The Amateur Softball Association, founded in 1933, is the National Governing Body of softball in the United States and a member of the United States Olympic Committee. The ASA has become one of the nation’s largest sports organizations and now sanctions competition in every state through a network of 77 local associations. The ASA has grown from a few hundred teams in the early days to over 210,000 teams today, representing a membership of more than three million. For more information on the ASA, visit

About USA Softball

USA Softball is the brand created, operated and owned by the ASA that links the USA Men’s, Women’s, Junior Boys’ and Junior Girls’ National Team programs together. USA Softball is responsible for training, equipping and promoting these four National Teams to compete in international and domestic competitions. The USA Softball Women’s National Team is one of the only two women’s sports involved in the Olympic movement to capture three consecutive gold medals at the Olympic Games since 1996. The U.S. women have also won eight World Championship titles including the last six consecutive as well as claimed two World Cup of Softball titles. For more information about USA Softball, please visit

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