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Top Ten Tips to Grow Your ASA Association’s Online Registration!

Active now offers ASA Associations an online league management program called LeagueOne, to manage all aspects of your ASA organization. Creating teams, rosters, game schedules, and reports are made a snap in LeagueOne. LeagueOne also serves as your league database, featuring player/parent/volunteer records, and integrated communication tools.

Every time one of your parents registers online, your database grows without having to manually enter a registration, and your customers enjoy the convenience of online secure payment.

Many clients have achieved extremely high online registration rates – some 90% or higher. We have compiled their knowledge to bring you our top ten tips to grow your online registration. Active is here to support Pony in all of your efforts:

1. Optimize Your Club’s Registration Options
• Review the methods of registration you offer and substitute one of them with online registration.
• List online registration first when offering multiple registration methods.
• Highlight online registration on all handouts and signage as the preferred method of registration.
• When you remove a registration method, add a message to your voicemail system announcing the newer and more convenient online registration option along your Web site address.

2. Utilize Your Club Web Site
• Provide parents and players with easy, online access to your customized registration form.
• Post rosters, schedules, scores, and announcements along with photos to stay connected with coaches, players, parents and volunteers throughout the season.
• Encourage players and parents to visit your Web site frequently to review up-to- date schedules or to post messages or questions.

Need a self-setup sports website in minutes? Visit to get started! ASA branded templates available!

3. Ensure Easy Website Navigation
• Include prominent online registration links in your main navigation menus—the fewer clicks to registration, the better.
• Place the “Register Online go!” Web button on your home page and other popular pages to easily link visitors to your customized registration form.

4. Collect Email Addresses
• Build general awareness through personalized emails with a clear call to action and/or relevant information.
• Collect email addresses whenever possible so you can send timely emails announcing online registration.
• Include links within your email directing participants to your online registration form.
• Segment your email list to send targeted emails to parents, players or volunteers.

5. Build Ongoing Awareness
• Promote online registration by placing your Web site address in all printed materials, e-newsletters, email communications, etc.
• Plan a pre-season email campaign to increase communication with your players, parents and volunteers about upcoming registration dates and deadlines. Encourage your recipients to forward the email on to friends and family to spread the word about your club.
• Place an announcement in your local community newspaper’s event section: e.g. “Registration for club will end on “to alert parents and encourage timely registration.
• Contact Active today to learn more about online marketing or fundraising opportunities for your club.

6. Provide an Incentive
• Allow your players to register earlier in the season with online registration. In addition to being an incentive to get folks online, it helps prevents staff and volunteers from becoming overwhelmed once the walk-in registration period begins.
• Consider offering discounts for early online registration or charging a small processing fee for manual paper registrations. Offering online registration discounts encourages early adoption and more timely registration behavior season-over-season.

7. Educate Parents Early
• Share with parents and players how easy and convenient it is for them to register online.
• Provide easy-to-follows steps for registration on your Web site and in all print materials and mailings.
• Include a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section or page regarding online registration on your Web site.
• Include links to your Web site and online registration FAQ page within all email communications throughout the season to build awareness to all the advantages of online registration.

8. Get Your Staff on Board
• Make sure your staff is familiar with the online registration process and comfortable explaining it to players and parents.
• Take note of the reduced data entry workload and valuable time saved to focus on other priorities.
• Ensure your staff participates in one of the free, online registration training sessions to answer all their questions and build their confidence.

9. Go 100% Online
• Get all your players to register online and stop offering paper registration.
• Decrease the time spent on entering data and allow staff to focus on more important responsibilities.

10. Start Planning for Next Season
• As a team, set a goal to achieve XX% online registration next season and incrementally increase that goal.
• Review with staff ideas for improving the registration process for next season.
• Email a short survey to parents asking whether they found online registration convenient and easy to use.

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