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Quick facts about the ASA National Softball Hall of Fame

The ASA National Softball Hall of Fame and Museum was established in 1957. Once the ASA moved to Oklahoma City January 1, 1966 after having its offices in Newark, NJ, the decision to establish a Hall of Fame Building in OKC was made in January of 1965. Groundbreaking ceremonies for the Hall of Fame were held December 19, 1970 in Oklahoma City. The late John Nagy, former Cleveland Metro commissioner, was ASA president at that time. Hall of Famers Harold (Shifty) Gears and Carolyn Thome Hart were among those attending the ceremonies.

The National Softball Hall of Fame was officially dedicated May 26, 1973 in Oklahoma City. The building was opened to the public July 1, 1973.

The first of two additions to the ASA Hall of Fame/ASA Headquarters was started July 5, 1976 and completed July 13, 1977 for an additional 4,350 square feet of space. Dedication ceremonies for the expansion were held July 23, 1977. Counting the Hall of Fame/ASA Headquarters and the ASA Hall of Fame, there is 28,406 square feet of space.

A second expansion was added July of 1980 for an additional 5,182 square feet of space, with total footage 18,140 square feet of space.

The ASA National Softball Hall of Fame and Museum has 366 members with two categories of membership: players and non players.  Within the player category, there are five categories: Men's/Women's Fast Pitch, Men's/Women's Slow Pitch and Modified Pitch. Within the non player category, there are five different divisions one can be nominated in: Commissioner, Meritorious Service, Umpire, Managers and Sponsors. A nominee needs 75 percent (nine votes) of the votes cast by the 12 member Hall of Fame Committee to be elected. Annual inductions are held at the ASA Annual Meeting.

The player membership includes 197 players in the following divisions : men's fast pitch (91); women's fast pitch (59); men's slow pitch (33); women's slow pitch (11); and modified pitch (3).

The Hall of Fame has 169 members in non-playing categories including commissioner (39); umpire (43), meritorious service (42), managers (30) and sponsors (15).

Located on the first floor of the Hall of Fame and Museum is a well-stocked gift shop that has a variety of softball items for the avid softball fan and player, ranging from colorful, popular T-shirts to custom USA Softball jackets. Be sure and stop by the gift shop before leaving the Hall of Fame and Museum.

The ASA National Softball Hall of Fame and Museum has established an endowment fund. The monies donated will be used to upgrade Hall of Fame exhibits and add new exhibits in the future. If you are thinking of naming the ASA National Softball Hall of Fame in your will, contact Codi Warren, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, at (405) 425-3431 or through e-mail at

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