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Renovations to the National Softball Hall of Fame and Museum and Gift Shop are underway at the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) of America headquarters in Oklahoma City. In an effort to upgrade our visitors’ experience, the museum and gift shop will be temporarily closed through the spring with plans to reopen before the 2012 NCAA Women’s College World Series. Current renovations began in December 2011, and plans include a new entrance for the museum and gift shop, the installation of an elevator in the museum and an expansion to the gift shop that will display umpire clothing and accessories from The remodel will also feature additional Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act accommodations with new bathrooms and front doors to allow easier access for visitors. The redesigned Olympic Room will feature digital media and text panels that summarize the 1996-2008 Olympic Games. Since its grand opening in 1973 at the ASA Hall of Fame Complex, the National Softball Hall of Fame and Museum has served as the national institution for the study, interpretation and appreciation of the impact of softball on society as well as honoring those individuals who have made contributions to the sport. Two initial renovations added additional square footage at the museum and gift shop, and in 2010, the museum received a face lift which included new carpeting and additional exhibit space in the bottom floor of the building. During the temporary closure, guests can still experience the National Softball Hall of Fame and Museum by taking a virtual tour at Biographies of all National Softball Hall of Fame members are also accessible through the website. To purchase softball merchandise normally sold in the gift shop, visit

Shots of the construction outside the Hall of Fame and Museum
(please click on the thumbnail for a full-size image)

The above photos were taken when construction first began at the National Softball Hall of Fame and Museum.

Bye bye fountain! This area will soon be included in the Gift Shop.


The frames are up for the new windows! We should be able to put them in here shortly!

A side view of the Gift Shop renovations. The enclosed area will soon be a part of the existing Gift Shop!

What once was the outside wall will soon be no more. The walls will be knocked down to open up the new space to the existing Gift Shop.

The windows are finally installed in the newest wing of the Gift Shop!

An inside look at the new wing of the Gift Shop. Construction workers took out the old window frame in preparation for demolition.

The basic structure for the new doors has now been installed. Once we get the locks for the new doors, workers will begin to renovate the old entrance.

With the wall removed, the Gift Shop now has some natural light!

The new front doors are up and fully operating. These wider doors will greatly assist with Museum visitor traffic!

The second set of doors are now up and operational.

Carpet and paint have now been added to the new wing.

The final product! Our brand new entrance.

We are starting from scratch as we improve guest restrooms.

Workers finish tearing up the floors in the old Gift Shop.

In addition to new framing, the bathrooms have been equipped with new plumbing.

The Gift Shop checkout will be moved to this area.

The walls for the new reception/check out area are now up!

The bathrooms now have walls as well.

Now that the walls are up, tile is being put on the walls in the guest bathrooms.

The tile is nearly completed!

In order to renovate the guest bathrooms, some space had to be taken from the "Softball in the Olympics" exhibit. Exhibit designers are working on new text panels that tell the story of all four Olympic Games, and the space will also feature a new flat screen tv in which fans can watch clips from USA Softball Olympians.

The new counter for the gift shop is almost ready to be installed.

The texture is up on the walls and ready for paint!

The men's restroom stalls are up!

Same goes for the women's!

This beauty will play footage from USA Softball at the Olympic Games.

The countertops and mirrors are now in the bathrooms.

The area for the checkout counter has been painted.

The desk is installed and waiting for countertops.

The back portion of the desk.

The new lighting above the checkout desk.

Granite counter tops have now been added to the desk.

The new entry way into the National Offices.

The "Softball in the Olympic Games" exhibit is nearly complete. Just waiting on new lights!

Workers begin construction on the exterior of the elevator.


The outside walls for the elevator are almost complete.

The walls of the elevator keep rising!

An outside view of the elevator process.


Now that the outside wall is nearly completed, workers will begin to construct a new maintenance closet for the elevator.

The window on the main floor of the Museum has been removed. In it's place will be a new utility closet for our maintenance staff.

Workers prep the walls for the elevator. Guests will enter the elevator at this location.

Upon walking downstairs, guests will arrive upon the doors to the elevator.

This room will now house all of the components for the elevator.

The maintenance closet continues to develop on the second floor.

The utility closet is now equipped with plumbing.

The control room for the elevator is almost complete.

Elevator doors are now installed.

The elevator is now fully operational!


Be sure to check up regularly as more photos documenting the renovations are posted!


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