1. Are uniform requirements used for Iowa ASA District and State Tournaments?  There are no uniform requirements for district tournament play.  The minimum uniform requirements for state tournament play is matching shirts with a contrasting  6" number on the back of the shirt.   For any team advancing to regional or national tournament play, uniform requirements are spelled out in the ASA Code and playing rules.

2. May we add players to our roster?  If a team plays in a National Qualifier they may add players up to 20 prior to the deadline of their next championship play tournament (district or state) with the approval and signature of their District CommissionerAfter your Districts or State, whichever occurs first, the only  method of putting additional players on the roster is with the pick-up player rule.  See also # 3 below.  Once a player plays on a team they are frozen to that roster with the exception of being a pick-up player for one team in a division of play and at the same or higher classification than what they are currently playing.

3. What is the pick-up player rule?  A maximum of three players may be picked-up after district, state or regional tournament play.  If a player is picked-up after districts or state play, the players must be from the stat of Iowa.  The exception is in the Men’s and Women’s Major and Class A Fast Pitch, in which case, if players are picked up after regional play, the players must be from the Mid-America Region.   The players being picked-up must have been on an ASA team roster during the current season and the team that they are being picked-up from must no longer be eligible for ASA championship play.  In adult divisions of play, pick up players may be replaced by new pick up players following the completion of the current tournament.

4. When are state tournament brackets and playing schedules mailed out?  State tournament brackets and playing schedules are mailed from the Iowa ASA office one week prior to the first scheduled game of the tournament.  Tournament brackets will also be posted in the Iowa ASA Home Page of this website along with the results and the order of finish.

5. How do I register my team for a state tournament?  Download the Open State Tournament Entry Form for any “Open” state tournament, complete the form and mail or fax it in so that it is received by the Iowa ASA office on or before the tournament entry deadline along with the tournament entry fee.  If you are required to qualify for state tournament play through a district tournament, your District Commissioner will provide you with the proper entry form.   The entry form must be returned to your District Commissioner or tournament director before you leave the district tournament site, along with your entry fee for the state tournament.  All teams must also be ASA registered.  Junior Olympic Teams must be Individually Registered through the State Office to register for a State Tournament.  Men's Slow Pitch and all Men's Fast Pitch teams must register through the District Commissioner in your area.  Women's Slow Pitch and all other Divisions of play should register your team through your District Commissioner. 

6.  Is it still a requirement that the team roster be notarized?  NO!  Each player on the roster must still sign and initial the roster (parents must also sign for persons under the age of 18 years) and the team manager is required to sign the manager’s affidavit but the roster need not be notarized.

7. How do I classify my team when registering?  To classify your team if you are playing in an “open” state tournament with more than one classification (i.e. A-B-C), the team must enter the classification of the tournament which best suits the ability and skill level of your team.  Do not classify the team based on the ability to win the tournament, but, on the ability of the team to compete with the majority of the teams entered into the tournament.   See also - Classification Code

8. How do I register to be an ASA umpire?  Contact the Iowa ASA office for a registration form.   When you have completed the registration form, return it, along with the registration fee to the Iowa ASA office.  The Iowa ASA office will mail you a rule book, umpire exam, and umpire answer sheet.  Complete the exam and return the answer sheet to the Iowa ASA office for grading of the exam.  A post card will be returned to you with your test score after the exam has been graded.  A passing score of 70% or greater is required to umpire in Iowa ASA play.

9. Who do I call for a rule interpretation?  Contact the Iowa ASA has an Umpire-In-Chief  for an answer to questions regarding playing rule interpretations.  Contact Us.

10. Who do I call for an interpretation of the ASA Code?  Please contact the Iowa ASA office if you have a question regarding the ASA Code. Contact Us